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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

British IT skills are improving

"New results from a British Computer Society survey into the nation's computing habits reveal that Britain has become a country of computer buffs, with about three quarters of the adult population able to demonstrate some experience through access to a computer at home or work; while 80 per cent of us now believe that computers have made a positive contribution to our lives.

However, the report also highlights the significant proportion of adults who are in danger of being marginalised as the government gears society up for the information age. Although 59% of respondents have a home PC, a concerning 26% have no access to a PC whatsoever, whether at home, work, college or a public library, suggesting the IT revolution is in danger of leaving behind a quarter of the population."

BBC website news story (This link opens in a new window)

Copy of the survey results (PDF - 54kb)


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