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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Copyright Free Images For Your Resources

My mate Johnny M is both a keen photographer and a keen Flickr user, uploading high quality photographs to the web for the world to see.

He has very kindly made his entire collection of over 1,000 photos available for you to use in training notes, presentations, posters etc. All he asks is that if you use one of his pictures you credit it to him. (Thanks John, you're very kind!)

I recently used a selection of photographs from John’s ‘Animals and Birds’ category when I created a PictureGrid learning activity. The badge in the sidebar of this blog also shows a sample of some taken from his Macro category. There are 35 more categories too, so if you’re after images to use in your materials, before you are tempted to nick any from Google it could be worth having a look at what’s available there! John's are all identified as having been taken by JohnMUK.

(Please note though, that not all Flickr images are copyright free – you will need to check with the copyright holder for any others you might wish to use. )
  • If you like the look of Flickr yourself you can read more about it here or see some of it's features and sign up for your own free account here.

  • See an example of how Flickr can be used to illustrate a website or webquest here. (Press F5 or refresh the webquest page to see the images randomly change each time the page is loaded.)

  • Or if you’re after even more choice, in terms of images to use, there are other sources of high quality copyright free images mentioned in a previous post.


At 1:52 pm, Anonymous John said...

Thanks for your kind words Theresa, and thanks for spreading the word on FLICKR and all the other great things you tell us about, you are doing a great job!

I'd just like to point out to any ACL practitioners that if you like any of my photos, you should click on the "all sizes" tab and then choose "original" photo. This will be the best image resolution for printing, should you need it.

If anyone has any questions on any aspect of my photos, FLICKR or digital photography in general, please contact me. My email address is

At 6:18 pm, Blogger Theresa said...

Thanks for the printing tips John (and the compliment!)

Look forward to watching the photo collection grow...!


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