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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Free E-Learning Materials (Round 4)

I wrote previously about ‘more free e-learning materials coming to a centre near you’, referring to National Learning Network (NLN) materials that were being written specifically for Adult and Community Learning. These covered five new areas:
  • Family Learning
  • Learning to Learn
  • ESOL
  • Making Learning Work for You
  • Modern Foreign Languages
Following eager anticipation, pre-release versions of some of these materials are now being distributed with the latest print copy of Chips with Everything.

Materials from Rounds 1, 2 and 3 are already available for Adult and Community Learning online and Round 4 materials will be available in staged releases starting from November. I can’t wait to try them myself and not long now…the expected release dates of all of the materials are shown here.

Questions about the existing materials? Try the FAQ section here.


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Among the courses offered via ALISON are:

* ECDL also known as ICDL
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* Microsoft Applications i.e.Word, Excel etc.
* Touch Typing
* Financial Literacy
* Health & Safety

Where large groups are concerned, we can also provide a monitoring and
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