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Thursday, October 06, 2005

TechDis Staff Packs

I’ve been looking at accessibility lately, and found TechDis staff packs to be a really good source of advice and useful information. They include lots of practical solutions, and show simple techniques that can be employed very easily to make learning with technology more accessible.

Each pack can also be used as the basis of a training session or incorporated into a staff development programme. Materials are on the TechDis website.

Here is what’s included…

  • Accessible e-Learning
    These training materials explore the theme of accessibility in relation to simple "home grown" e-Learning, illustrating how simple techniques can greatly add to the learning experience of many students.

  • Checking the Accessibility of your e-Resources
    This pack looks at the current international guidelines for accessibility. It also investigates the available auditing tools, how they can be used and how the results can be correctly interpreted.

  • e-Assessment
    These training materials consider the benefits of assessing online and draw out the accessibility issues, problems and solutions associated with e-Assessment.

  • Introduction to Assistive Technology
    These training materials provide a broad introduction to the breadth and range of assistive technologies available and the issues to consider when trying to match a learning need to a technological solution.

  • Introduction to Web Accessibility
    These training materials provide an introduction to the issues facing disabled people when accessing materials on the web. They also give an overview of the disability legislation in relation to website development.


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