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Friday, September 23, 2005

Ace:UK Email Updates

It's been a while since I last posted anything, but I've been doing some 'blog-housekeeping' type stuff behind the scenes. After today's posts I reckon I should be fairly up to date though.

I've now closed the online poll that asked how often you want to receive your email updates. Once again many thanks to all of you who voted! Your feedback definitely counts and I hope it will shape ace:UK into something that's tailored to what you want. That little ol' poll worked pretty well too, so I might use similar ones in the future to find out your views on other things. Perhaps even the odd short survey as well, but like I did with the poll I'll also show you exactly where you can get the software and how to use it to do your own online surveys too!

Last week's WebNote workspace also grabbed some good quick feedback so thanks also to everyone who said a quick "hello world" there. I hope you can see how useful that might be in a session? And it's so easy to use isn't it? I’ll leave that workspace there so you can still experiment and play when you like.

The final results of the poll are here:

So weekly it is. From now on I'll update ace:UK just once per week with several updates at once. This doesn't summarise the web favourites that I signpost in the sidebar though so you'll have to check back every once in a while of you want to see what resources and web goodies I'm signposting on my web travels!

I know you can't cater for absolutely everyone but I hope this new frequency suits most of you. Below are the first of the new weekly updates, hope there’s something there for you…


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