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Friday, September 23, 2005

Microsoft Office Training Online

It’s not like Microsoft to give us much for free but it seems they have. Free training materials. Yes, that was FREE training materials.

Why are they free?

Apparently because they (as in Microsoft) "…want you to love Office. To use it to work better and faster. To understand how it can save you time and trouble. The more you know about it, the more it can do for you…"
I suspect it might also have something to do with the more we use it the more we spend - on their products. All the same, if you're learning how to use Office applications yourself or you're a tutor who wants additional training materials for your learners to use, then these could prove useful.

  • All the courses have audio in them, many are audio all the way through.
  • Every course has hands-on interactive practices, with instructions so you can try for yourself.
  • Training courses begin at the beginning, with courses for people who’ve never used a program.
  • Other courses explain popular features and effective work strategies.
You can get started by clicking on any of the categories below. Or you (or your learners) can try some basic training for just generally getting the hang of Office.

If you don’t feel you need any training why not test what you think you know? There are also quizzes that generally test your knowledge of popular office applications. For example:

"….How well do you know Microsoft PowerPoint? Are you a master of shows, eager to flaunt your presentation prowess? Or do you have an itchy feeling there's more you could know? Assess your level with the PowerPoint Whiz Quiz, ten questions that test what you know."

Or "…Do you really understand Microsoft Word? Find out if your Word power is all that it could be. Not an expert yet? Here's a great way to get your Word's worth. Take this quiz to rate your Word skills—and to improve them."


At 3:58 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought that the quick quizzes were excellent. I managed to get 9 out of 10 for the Word, but a measly 6 out of 10 for Powerpoint. Maybe I should use the tutorials to rush up on my presentation skills!!!

At 10:29 am, Blogger Theresa said...

Hey now, six out of ten isn’t that bad..!! But yes, handy that there are tutorials just in case you do feel the need to dip in and brush up on bits and bobs! When I get chance I’ll probably be going through the odd one or two myself.

Thanks for your comments. And glad the quizzes were useful!


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