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Thursday, September 09, 2004

More free e-learning materials

The National Learning Network ( NLN - I dare you to say it quickly) have now awarded the contracts for the 4th round of e-learning materials. This means more free e-learning content coming soon to a centre near you...

The new materials will cover the following areas:
  • Family learning
  • Learning to Learn
  • ESOL
  • Making Learning Work for You
  • Modern Foreign Languages
This is great, since these are subject areas which are tremendously important to ACL but they are often overlooked in favour of more IT related courses. The delivery of this new suite of materials should also highlight the fact that e-learning is not just about computing and IT - it can be applied to learning softer skills too.

If you are interested in geting more involved in this round of content development there is still a chance for you to have some input.
"The NLN Materials Team would like to hear from anyone interested in contributing to the development of the materials. Opportunities exist for organisations to act as trial institutions, providing valuable feedback on the materials at different stages of development. Individuals are also needed to act as quality assessors to review materials, and user representatives, to sit on project boards to monitor progress."
I think this is a fantastic opportunity for centres and individual ACL practitioners to really shape and influence the materials we use in the future.


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