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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

E-learning content - RDNs Virtual Training Suite

Now that the JISC (Joint Information Sytems Committee) remit has been extended to include Adult and Community Learning, the Resource Discovery Network and the Institute for Learning and Research Technology have responded by developing five more tutorials to add to their Virtual Training Suite. These are:

  1. Internet for Arts and Crafts
  2. Internet for Health and Fitness
  3. Internet for Job-searching
  4. Internet for Digital Photography
  5. Internet for Gardening
The tutorials aim to help learners to use the Internet to support their learning, particularly those learners who are relatively new to the Internet. They offer a tour of the best of the Web for the subject, and offer tips and hints on Internet searching and Web site evaluation.

(Anyone who has completed the LeTTOL course will recognise the RDN courses from Activity 4 2 1: Cooperation and collaboration).

The Tutorials are being developed in close consultation with the English Regional Support Centres - the others in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland do not currently support ACL.


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