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Friday, September 24, 2004

Strategies for Collaborative Working and Learning

I discovered through the e-learning centre that UKOLN and UCISA are jointly running a conference in November that that looks at Strategies for Collaborative Working and Learning in the 21st Century. I wouldn’t normally highlight conferences here. I’m not sure it’s the right space. But this one is an exception because its about blogs and wikis so it appeals to me. Here’s a summary of its objectives:

“Workshop participants will:
  • have an understanding of instant messaging, newsfeeds, Blog and Wiki technologies
  • be aware of the potential of these technologies to support the teaching and learning and information needs within their institution
  • be aware of challenges which need to be addressed in providing such technologies
  • be in a position to consider deployment of the technologies within the participant's institution
The workshop is aimed at staff who are responsible for or have an interest in:
  • policy issues in the deployment and use of collaborative software
  • evaluating collaborative software
  • supporting the use of collaborative software
  • exploiting the potential of collaborative software in teaching and learning, research, consultancy or support services.”


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