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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun (and free!)

A couple of days ago Marcus P. Zillman referred to a site that had games that could be used for learning vocabulary.

"It has been their goal to create a vocabulary oriented site that would be educational, fun, simple to use and friendly. The site has something for everyone and there will be updates on an ongoing basis. Games include: WordSearch, Crosswords, Hangman, Quiz and Match Game."

So far sounds a bit like the Hot Potatoes suite but its not. These aren't toolkits or applications - they are predetermined games and activities that cover a number of different topics including going shopping, staying healthy and other life skills. They would also be a great resource for ESOL and or basic skills tutors.

The site is uncluttered and simple and the activities have a really nice feel to them. They are also freely available to use.

And still there’s more...

Tucked away on the ‘About’ page of the site, Jacob Richman casually points out the fact that he has "several other sites that you may find interesting:
  • My Spanish Picture Dictionary
  • My Hebrew Dictionary
  • My Hebrew Name
  • The Diabetes Quiz"
And I almost missed these!

I’ve looked at the Diabetes quiz and consistent with the other activities on the site it looks really good. It also has a Diabetes Q & A database that accompanies it.

I’d certainly recommend that you have a look and, if you know of any basic skills or ESOL tutors refer it on!


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