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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Going Googly

I’ve come across a couple of google related resources recently so thought I’d group them all together here. (Three is your lot though – any more and I may start going googly!)

1. Google Help: Cheat Sheet
"A neat one page printable Google cheat sheet (from Google) covering various Google operator examples, calculator operators and advanced operators to make your searching of Google more focused with better results. A nice sheet to place next to your computer or laptop!"

(via Marcus P. Zillman)

2. Use Search Tabs in Google
You know how to find web pages on Google, so now learn how to go directly to images, newsgroups, a directory, or current news. It's all in the Tabs.

Techlearning has a good video tutorial that shows you how to search more effectively using the tab features in Google.

You need the free Apple QuickTime veiwer to view this content

3. Google Guide - Making searching even easier
And finally, here’s a comprehensive guide to using Google.

Google Guide is an online tutorial making searching even easier. In the Google Guide online tutorial, you (or your learners) can learn:

  • How to select terms and search (more) effectively
  • How Google interprets your query
  • What's included with your results
  • How to search using Google's special tools and shortcuts
  • What to do when you can't find the answer you want
  • When Google added services, features, and options (Google's Feature History)
  • How Google works

The author, Nancy Blachman, says: “Google is so easy to use, why take this online tutorial? If you're like many people, you use only a small number of Google's services and features. The more you know about how Google works, its features and capabilities, the better it can serve your needs.

The Google tutorial contains many examples and exercises designed to give you (or your learners) practice with the material presented and to inspire you to find amusing or useful information. It could also be very useful as supplementary info for your learners who are learning how to effectively search the internet.


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