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Friday, October 29, 2004

Second wave of E-guide recruitment

NIACE, in conjunction with the NLN, is now recruiting for the second wave of the national E-Guides Staff Development Training programme. (Although I have also been told that its possible to join at other times - so if you're interested but unsure of the timing it might still be worth enquiring)

What is the E-Guides programme?
The E-Guides staff development programme has been designed to support Adult and Community Learning staff in embedding the use of e-learning across the curriculum. The programme aims to increase the use of e-learning in Adult and Community Learning through developing the skills and knowledge of E-Guides to support colleagues from all subjects in their use of technology in teaching and learning. E-Guides will be able to contribute to raising the quality of teaching and learning throughout their organisation.

More information on the E-Guides programme can be found on the aclearn website.


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