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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Search engine watching

Marcus P. Zillman pointed out a new UK based search engine today, UKWizz.

"UKWizz is a UK based internet search engine. Our aim is to provide UK users with a search experience that is both Relevant and specific to the UK. There are many excellent search engines out there so what makes UKWizz different? UKWizz has been designed for and targeted at UK internet users. We try to keep our results as UK specific as possible. We believe this is a great benefit to the average UK searcher.

When you use UKWizz you will see that almost all of the results returned are related to the UK. If you carry out a search on most search engines your results could be coming from anywhere in the world. Our index is not 100% UK specific, although our technology is designed to index as high a percentage of UK web content as possible."

Several days ago I was also introduced to another search engine that I happened to like (sorry can’t remember how I came across it now). It was called Exalead.

Although this one does not specifically cater for the UK it does have the following features:
  • Related terms (other terms you might want to search)
  • Related categories
  • Limit results by format or location
  • Limit results to multimedia content (pages that include links to audio and video content)
  • Spelling suggestions
  • Thumbnail images for all results can be turned on/off.
  • You're able to open a result link directly inside a frame.
  • You can also bookmark pages. Bookmarks can be transported to your IE favourites file.
I liked the interface which allowed me to glance at the search results visually before decided which one I wanted to explore further. It also helped me to recognise a site I was after by seeing its thumbnail rather than its name in a list. Thats besides all of its other bells and whistles.

Although UKWizz does have a nice uncluttered interface, I do prefer the look of Exalead. It’s still a beta version at the moment but I’m keen to see how it develops.


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