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Friday, September 24, 2004

Jobseekers Advice

via Marcus P. Zillman

Jobseekers Advice is the original jobseekers website, setup to provide jobseekers a place to go for independent and unbiased information and free career advice. Their website states they are the largest independent free career advice website on the web run by professionals from around the world who volunteer their time to help you.”
Its comprehensive and also UK based which is great but - there’s more. If you become a registered user on the discussion forums you can also get a Free CV Appraisal. (There’s that word again - FREE. I love it. Free and SALE, both are like music to my ears).

Anyway, they go on to say…
“You can get your CV appraised for absolutely free on our career advice discussions forums. Thanks to the CV experts on our forums who volunteer their time, you can have professionals look over your CV.”
Looks like it could be an extremely useful resource.


At 4:41 am, Blogger syeds said...

This article was very, very useful to me, as I have passed written interview and I am supposed to attend a oral interview and the employer needed an updated CV, and this article will help, as it has changed my style.

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