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Friday, October 01, 2004

More jobsearching...with a Fuller CV has teamed up with The Fuller CV to bring you the CV checker. Find out how good your CV is by taking this ten-question quiz. By doing so you (or your learners!) can take advantage of a free CV review by The Fuller CV.

Apparently, I fall into a category that has “carefully considered the design and layout, but I should know that the content of my CV is equally important, as it will reflect my ability to ‘add value’ to a new employer’s business.”

Well, erm…thanks.

Seriously though, if you (or your learners) need more job seeking/CV guidance here ’s the link to UK based jobseekers advice that I posted last week. This site it refers to also has a free CV appraisal system (although you have to register for the forums to use it).

I’m amazed at just how many people want to share their expert knowledge with us, for free too. Now you’re just spoiling us!


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