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Friday, October 01, 2004

Lessons Learned Teaching Online

In his article Lessons Learned Teaching Online, George Siemens discuses how “teaching online is very much like, and very much unlike, classroom teaching”.

He asks “If the process (communication through variety of interactions) or core objectives (increased student learning) don't change from classroom to online, what does?

He then goes on to summarise his own experiences and the lessons he has learned.

George concludes by saying that:
“The highest objective of education is to improve the quality of life for students and to create a better society. This may be achieved through student self-awareness, learning through exploring new concepts, connecting previously unrelated field of knowledge and increased confidence. Online learning has much to offer in achieving these ideals. However, in order for the potential to be fully realized, instructors and educators need to dialogue about what constitutes effective learning online. What is different? What is unique? What is the same? The goal in teaching online is to retain the best of classrooms and improve the worst.”
The article is quite old now (2002) but the principles of online teaching/tutoring remain the same. It’s an excellent summary of the key skills required by for online teaching so if you haven’t already read it, it’s still really worth a read. It will certainly prove useful to e-tutors or those involved in facilitating e-learning.

I came across the article through Teaching and Developing Online.


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