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Monday, February 07, 2005

Search engines are more different than people think

In the sidebar of my blog you should currently see a link to Jux2 (courtesy of some blog design changes that have been taking place around here).

Jux2 is a search tool that compares the results from a number of different search engines by searching Google, Yahoo! And Ask Jeeves simultaneously. They claim:

“If the search engines are providing top results that are very different from each other, then by using only one search engine, Internet searchers are potentially missing relevant results. It stands to reason that searchers will get a better assortment of highly relevant results by searching two engines at once.”
It also has a “What am I missing button” which shows what you are missing by searching only one search engine at a time. If you use Google, for example, it will show you the highest ranked results on Yahoo! that are not among the top results on Google.

Jux2 is still a beta version but the developers are keen to receive your feedback on its usefulness so have a look and see what you think....


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