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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

ICT in Practice Awards

Do you know someone who is transforming teaching, learning and leadership using ICT? If so, it’s not too late to nominate them for the 2006 ICT in Practice Awards ….

The ICT in Practice Awards aim to identify models of excellent practice and use these to develop and promote effective practice in the use of ICT in teaching, learning and leadership. The Awards share this information with the wider teaching community while rewarding individuals who demonstrate exemplary practice in ICT.

Each award winner will receive £2,500, with an additional £2,500 going to their college or organisation. Each runner-up will receive £500, with an additional £500 going to their college or organisation.

The 2006 awards are open for nominations until 31 March 2005. More details are available on Bectas website.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Spend time with a different generation

I like this - "Talk to old (and young) people they know cool stuff you don’t..." It’s just so true, and this image is great.

The photo was taken for We Are What We Do, a movement which aims to inspire people to use their everyday actions to change the world.

“We live in peculiar times. We live in an era in which communications can connect us with each other more than ever before: via the Internet, mobile phones or a host of other devices. Yet the quality of our relationships has declined. More people live alone than ever before." Hence...

Action 14 - Spend time with someone from a different generation.

(Or visit the website to find out more).

Monday, March 07, 2005

Playing IT Safe

I don’t yet know whether furling resources in the side bar of this blog is a good or bad thing. With things I may have previously blogged about now appearing automatically in the sidebar, I’ve done far less actual writing/blogging.

Subscribers (whether by RSS or email) may also be wondering what has happened? Why the quiet times? What’s the deal? (Well you will be if you haven’t visited the blog lately and noticed the stream of resources I’m still sharing with you there – hint, hint!).

So today instead of furling this website I’m going to do it the old fashioned way and breathe a bit of life back into this old dog….!

Here’s something that I read recently, courtesy of Marcus Zillman.

ITsafe is a government service that was launched on 23 February 2005, to provide both home users and small businesses with plain English advice on protecting computers, mobile phones and other devices from malicious attack.

ITsafe provides:

  • A website (designed specifically to work over slow connections and with most computers) that gives advice on keeping your devices safe
  • A glossary in plain English to help you understand any technical terms that are used.
  • An Alerting Service which will warn you of the most serious risks that might affect you when you use your computer.
It includes a page with guidance on ways to make your devices safer, including an ITsafe Five Point Computer Security Guide, and an E-mail Security Guide. With its printable Step by Step Guides you can also learn:

  • How to update Windows XP
  • How to use Windows Automatic Update
  • How to update Microsoft Office

If you'd like to learn more about ITsafe, including ways to get the ITsafe message across to your community, you can get more information from the additional information page.

So there you go. A post. And I feel better now I’ve done it.

(But yes, I’ve also furled it too. Just in case I need it later on ;-)