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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Online Tip - Distributing Photos on a CD

This article has a really good tip for distributing photos on a CD, complete with a built in slide show and a customized photo CD cover (using free software called Picasa.) It’s really easy to do and allows you to create a really professionally packaged CD in a matter of minutes. I tried it earlier and it really is simple yet effective. The article itself explains how it’s done.

But as well as creating gift CD’s you can also use Picasa to:
  • Make picture collages.
    Select a group of pictures, and Picasa will create a collage of them like the quick one I’ve included above.

  • Turn your photos into a movie.
    Select your best shots, adjust the delay time, sizes, and video compression settings. That’s it. Picasa will render a movie that you can play and share.
  • Make a personalised desktop picture or screensaver.
    Pick a favourite photo as your desktop picture or add several into your screensaver rotation. What better way to enjoy your photographic genius at your desk?
  • Create a poster.
    Picasa can tile any picture you select, allowing you to print each part and reassemble them at poster size – up to 1,000% larger than the original.

(John, whose photos I shared last week, loved the editing features Picasa has for fixing your images up and ‘turning those grey skies into picture perfect days’.) But whether you’re into photo editing or you’re not, the gift CD feature and all of the others listed above do make this a very useful piece of software – which, let’s not forget is also free!

To give it a whirl yourself, you can download Picasa here or find out more in a tour here.

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