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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

UK Web Archiving Consortium

This is something we don’t often think about…

"For many, the web has become the information source of first resort. From keeping abreast of latest news and accessing online journals and datasets, through to finding information about travel and sport, the web has become the information tool of choice.

However, despite our apparent dependence on this medium very little attention has been paid to the long-term preservation of websites. Indeed, with the life of an average website estimated to be around 44 days (about the same lifespan as a housefly) there is a danger that invaluable scholarly, cultural and scientific resources will be lost to future generations.

To address this problem, a consortium of six leading UK institutions is working collaboratively on a project to develop a test-bed for selective archiving of UK websites."

Lets just thank goodness there's someone looking at this. If it were left to me our scholarly, cultural and scientific resources would be doomed. I can’t even remember to archive my own emails.

Via Marcus P. Zillman


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