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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Using Microsoft Word Like a Pro

"Who here knows how to use Microsoft Word?"
OK. "Who here knows how to include an audio clip within a Microsoft Word document?"

If you are one of those who don’t it may be worth reading on…

At a recent Accessibility Training day I was introduced to some of the ways in which tutors and trainers can make their documents more engaging by using the intermediate level features of Microsoft Word. These include things like adding audio, using hyperlinks, inserting comments etc. Many of these things are really easy to do and as far as making documents more interesting and interactive, they can be very effective.

So today when I accidentally stumbled across a set of five excellent tutorials which cover this very topic, I became quite excited. The articles were written by Daniel Lake of techlearning and they are well worth a look. They give some excellent hints and tips and provide illustrated step by step guides showing you exactly how to use these advanced features.

The set of tutorials could prove useful to tutors, trainers, lecturers, admin staff, and even your actual learners.


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