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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Acce-Lerator: e-learning authoring software

Seems it’s a time for new releases – the new OpenCD was released last week and a new version v3.0 of Acce-Lerator’s free e-learning authoring system was released today.

Acce-Lerator is an online tool that allows you to upload things such as Word documents, photographs and diagrams and mix these with existing e-learning modules and websites to create complete courses. These courses can then be downloaded to any desktop computer connected to the world-wide web.

I haven’t used it myself but it sounds quite good, so I visited the website and found some examples of e-learning materials that have been created in Acce-Lerator here and more about the tool itself here.

However, in the FAQ section I did spot something regarding eligibility that didn’t sound quite so good...

Acce-Lerator is advertised as being:
"...available to employees in FE colleges or ACL centres, but you MUST have an email address to qualify."
So, with many ACL practitioners using the likes of Yahoo and Hotmail as their email providers (or having addresses) I’m wondering how will that work…? If this criteria is applied it could exclude a lot of ACL staff.

On this basis, it seems e-learning content creation in the ACL sector may not be as Acce-Lerat-ed as it could be.


Or might it?!

There have been developments - read this update post for more!


At 11:08 am, Anonymous Jane Edwards said...

Hi, I am the ILT Adviser to the ACL sector working for the RSC in the West Midlands and I have checked out this problem about having an email address. As long as you tell them that you are an ACL tutor and what sort of organisation you work for, you won't need to have the email. They will change this on the website. So don't be put off ACL people!!!

At 1:05 pm, Blogger Theresa said...

Hi Jane

Many thanks for looking into this on behalf of the ACL sector. That's a great result - cheers!!

Hopefully this will mean more ACL tutors can get stuck into creating their own exciting e-learning content!

And with free events being run to show them how to do this too, it's looking pretty promising...



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