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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Acce-Lerator: Now new and improved!

I posted an article recently about the release of Version 3 of AcceLerator, which at the time was new. Well it seems that now it's new AND improved!

It had stated previously on Acce-Lerator’s website that the software ‘... was available to Adult and Community Learning (ACL) tutors but you must have an address to register.’ Unfortunately many tutors in ACL don't have these kind of email accounts.

The good news is that the ACL Adviser for the Regional Support Centre, West Midlands (RSC-WM) looked into this and now ACL tutors with email addresses (as well as others) can also register to use Acce-Lerator for free. If you don't have an address you just need to give further details about where you work and your role.

This doesn't just apply to the West Midlands area, but to ACL tutors right across the country.

Fantastic – and many thanks to Jane of RSC-WM for sorting that out!


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