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Thursday, April 28, 2005

More on the Digital Divide

Today`s newspapers feature more on the digital divide in the UK, based on the findings of a study conducted by the London School of Economics.

In the Guardian Lucy Ward reports that ….

`Children from poorer homes are becoming victims of a `digital divide` because their parents lack the skills to help them use the internet as effectively as their middle-class counterparts….`


`…while internet-literate parents produce web-literate children because they can guide and support them, youngsters whose parents are less well informed could harm their education and job prospects.`

You can read the full Guardian article online here.

The story is also covered by the BBC in their article: `Net-illiterate failing children` which is also available online here.

For more info - Becta also has a series of discussion papers on their site that discuss aspects of the digital divide in more detail. They are a couple of years old now but many of the principles and themes discussed are still valid.


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