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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Hello and welcome!

There have been quite a few new subscribers to ace:UK recently (which I suspect might have something to do with the popularity of Snippy!) So I'd just like to take this opportunity to say ‘Hello and welcome!'

If you’re new and you're curious you can find out a bit more about me on my profile page which I've just updated. It's only a very brief intro but if you have questions about me or about ace:UK I hope you won't be too shy to email me and ask! I've already got to know some of you this way already - thanks for your messages!

I'll be refining the subscriber service in the near future to ensure that the frequency of the email updates matches your needs. To do this, I plan to use free software to do a very quick online poll which I'll link to from within a post on here. I'll also tell you more about how easy it would be for you to set up yor own free online polls and surveys too, so watch this space...!

In the meantime, thanks for your support. I hope you enjoy the site and find your subscription to it useful!

Best wishes, Theresa


At 2:06 am, Blogger Jim said...


Hi, I'm one of your new readers. I'm from Port Huron, Michigan which is located at the southern end of Lake Huron. I've enjoyed reading your blog and reading about all the great resources you have to share.

I blog at Thanks for sharing your knowledge.



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